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What Hiring Managers say about: What Candidates say about:

Quality of Synergistech's candidates the quality of our candidates
Synergistech's tech pubs expertise our tech pubs expertise
Synergistech's customer service our customer service

Quality of Synergistech's listings the quality of our listings
Synergistech's tech pubs expertise our tech pubs expertise
Synergistech's customer service our customer service

What both Candidates and Hiring Managers say about:
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Hiring Managers on the Quality of Synergistech's Candidates...

    "Synergistech earns an A+ for its ability to provide a number of top-quality candidates in the tight turnaround times we've become accustomed to in Silicon Valley. They have never failed to provide me with competent candidates, regardless of the required skill set."
    — Hank Ross

    "Synergistech's concentrated focus on technical publications produces more candidates with more of the desired skills. With Synergistech candidates, I feel like I'm already one step ahead in the hiring process."
    — Karen Wild

    "Synergistech always seems to provide the biggest percentage of well-qualified candidates of any agency... we are very happy with the results."
    — Trevor Grayling

Hiring Managers on Synergistech's Tech Pubs expertise...

    "Synergistech understands what my needs are. They know that when I require 'JavaScript', I don't mean 'Java', and when I say 'experience in an object-oriented language', I don't have to list the languages. They know the difference between a Senior Writer of developer guides, and a Junior Writer of API references, without me having to explain it."
    — Mike Hedblom

    "For contractors or permanent employees, my search begins at Synergistech, because they know the business and speak my language."
    — Laura Grenyo

    "In my experience, Synergistech's deep industry knowledge is the key differentiator between the quality of its services and those of its competitors. They consistently manage to provide appropriate candidates in the timeframe required, despite our rapidly evolving resource requirements."
    — Jack Shulman

Hiring Managers on Synergistech's Customer Service...
    "In the past four years, I've used Synergistech services for everything from 'grandfathering' independent contractors into my organization, to staffing small department 'special forces' teams, to placing protégés, to... placing myself.

    I've found their personnel accessible, sympathetic, savvy, and persistent — on both sides of the employment transaction."
    — Freda Salatino

    "Synergistech typically responds to candidate requests within 48 to 72 hours. Even if no appropriate candidates are available, we are kept up to date on how the search process is progressing."
    — Nancy Mangini

    "Synergistech is definitely the top recruiting company for technical writers. They work with you to make sure there is a match between the candidate's goals and your company's needs. I can always count on Synergistech to get my position filled; they really care."
    — Francisco Abedrabbo

    "How can Synergistech improve its services? Give me 24x7 phone support and an unlimited pool of qualified candidates that live within 10 miles and don't know what they are really worth."
    — Mike Hedblom
    (Maybe someday, Mike. All except for that last part.)

Candidates on the Quality of Synergistech's Listings...

    "Synergistech's job leads are extremely effective. Everything you need to know about a particular lead is clearly covered in the description, and the application process couldn't be easier."
    — Steve Zavattero

    "The job that I found through Synergistech has turned out to be an incredible career move. Not only do I like my working environment and the technology that I write about, but Andrew negotiated a salary for me that was well above any of my other offers. I could not have found this job on my own, so I feel very fortunate to have contacted Synergistech."
    — Lance Ashdown, Ph.D.

    "I review job listings as part of my job directing a writing program, and Synergistech's listings are as comprehensive as any that I've seen. And honest, too: they don't hype the requirements, neither do they hide them. So they're not wasting anyone's time. And the range and quality of listings are impressive, too."
    — Louise Rehling, Ph.D.

    "The listings were great — very detailed and informative. As a new writer, Synergistech's job descriptions helped me become familiar with what I needed to know to break into the business."
    — Fiona Johannessen

Candidates on Synergistech's Tech Pubs expertise...

    "What I respect most about Synergistech — aside from their integrity — is that they truly understand the documentation roles and responsibilities; whereas 99% of other recruiters who call me don't even know the difference between a writer and an editor, much less understand technology and the tech doc process."
    — Judith Broadhurst

    "Andrew combines market savvy with an insider’s knowledge of the technical communications profession. Synergistech also got my résumé in front of the hiring managers — and away from the paper pushers and bean counters. And I got placed in a position that offered an excellent match for my skills, career goals, and personality. Synergistech delivered!"
    — Craig Flores

    "Synergistech covers all the angles: knowing the attributes of the managers and teams of the hiring company, knowing the going rates for your level and skill set. Synergistech presents the best YOU, not a you-shaped-to-fit-this-req."
    — Guy Haas

Candidates on Synergistech's Customer Service...

    "I felt respected, understood, and appreciated for who I am. Thank you."
    — Cynthia Berman

    "I found Synergistech superior to other firms in that they allowed me direct access to the person who was seeking an employee. I appreciated this very much, as it gave me more contact with the potential employer and gave me additional opportunity to talk freely and directly with them without a third party trying to 'interpret' conversations and control the situation."
    — Margaret Randall

    "The Synergistech staff is exceptionally cordial and responds quickly. They're always helpful and treat contractors like colleagues on the same team as they are. Their waiting periods for 401(k) and health plans are the best and fairest I've found — and they actually offer a good benefits package, which is still rather rare among recruiters and payroll services."
    — Judith Broadhurst

    "Synergistech does a great job of matching employers' needs with candidates' skills. They make the job-hunting process painless."
    — Sara Magnuson

    "Synergistech has consistently negotiated effectively on my behalf. They provide the most complete, professional placement service for programmer doc writers in the Bay Area."
    — Livingston Schneider

Candidates and Hiring Managers on Synergistech's Integrity and Reliability...

    "The best. Synergistech is the only one that plays fair."
    — Cindy Hall

    "I've always been treated with courtesy, consideration, and professional understanding by the staff at Synergistech — they really care about their own reputation and about their clients. This is rare in the recruiting field."
    — Ron Kirchem

    "The team at Synergistech is beyond reliable. They are always on top of the situation and are eager to make things work out for all parties in the process, both potential employee and employer."
    — Margaret Randall

    "I always got the feeling that I was dealing with people — people who knew what to do and how to do it. These weren't headhunters, but people who found you a job."
    — Brian Gause

    "I'm writing to thank you for taking a non-predatory approach in your recruiting. A few weeks ago I encountered someone using the opposite approach, and as a result I'm very reluctant to do any work for this fellow. Simply stated, his high-pressure, opportunistic tactics gave me the creeps. So I really commend you for your integrity, and for being deliberate and conscious in your efforts."
    — Laurie Gibson

More Testimonials

    "I'm thrilled with the position I have because of Synergistech. They knew exactly what job would best match my skills, experience and career goals, and their staff is friendly, supportive, competent, and frank. I recommend Synergistech to all my tech-writing colleagues."
    — Abby Stoner

    "Just wanted you to know that I am being promoted to Director. I think you should consider this a vindication of your efforts to place me here; they are very happy with me, and I am happier here than I have been in any job in a very long time."
    — Ron Kirchem

Letter from a happy candidate:

    Dear Synergistech

    I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for making my job search so successful and for making it so exciting. The number and the quality of the job opportunities surpassed my wildest expectations. It was difficult to decide which ones to focus on.

    I could have been happy with a career or contract at each of the companies with which I interviewed, thanks to your excellent match-up of my qualities with their needs. The toughest decision I've had to make in a long time was to decide which opportunity to commit to.

    I also appreciate all the professional follow-up and support the Synergistech team provided during my search. It was invaluable!!

    I have always, and will continue to, highly recommended Synergistech to potential writer candidates and to companies who have a need for good writers.

    Once again, THANK YOU Synergistech!!!

    Sincerely, Candice Matteucci

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