Registering with Synergistech.

By registering as a candidate with Synergistech, you gain access to our emailed job postings and we get the information we need to contact you directly with opportunities that match your specifications and may prove enticing.

(If you'd prefer not to register with us yet, that's okay — just go straight to our listings.)

To help us help you, we require the following:

Employment Opportunity Mailing List Subscriptions.

Synergistech distributes detailed employment listings on request, by email, to jobseekers who have 'opted in' using these links and whose resumes prove they are Technical Communicators.

Due to their detail, Synergistech takes a risk by broadcasting these listings and making them available on our site (see Looking?). Instead of introducing security hurdles and making you to read through a long and inscrutable EULA (End User License Agreement) before letting you subscribe to Synergistech's lists, we're doing something novel. We're trusting you. Here are our conditions — briefly and in plain English.

Subscribers to any Synergistech mailing list:

In a nutshell, we seek to avoid sharing our listings with recruiters, human resources/staffing professionals, or competition-minded third parties — that's one reason we ask for your references — so please heed this polite request to unsubscribe immediately from our lists if you intend to represent any but your own candidacy or to share our postings with the aforementioned parties.

There are currently two mailing lists to which you may subscribe:

Subscribing to Synergistech's Employment Opportunity Lists.

To provide us with the information we need (detailed here), add or remove yourself from our lists using the following links. You'll find the questions we need answered already in the body of the email note; please respond in-line and provide as much detail as possible.

Note: if the above links don't work, generating (for example) an error suggesting you install an email client, Synergistech apologizes and recommends that you remedy the problem by using any version of Internet Explorer (even if you don't regularly use that browser) and selecting
Tools -> Internet Options -> Programs tab, then selecting the best of your options from the
'E-mail' dropdown. Click apply, then retry the links on this page.

Occasionally Synergistech may distribute non- or minimally commercial announcements to both lists. The intention of these notices is always to educate rather than sell. The subject lines of such postings will begin with "ADV" if their content contains any form of solicitation. If you object to these (rare) messages, let us know and we'll help you unsubscribe.