Need an Employer of Record for W2 Contracts?

Reliable Weekly Paychecks.

If you have a client willing to hire you as a W2-based contractor, but unwilling to put you on their own payroll, you need a third-party 'Employer of Record' (EOR) service to handle the paperwork and ensure that you get all the benefits payrolled employees are due. And you've just found your solution.

Through Synergistech's affiliation with a large international Employer of Record service, we can arrange for you to receive:

Your Client will Love this Arrangement Too.

We've worked with this team for over eight years to payroll contractors we've placed, and they've proven consistently responsive, resourceful, and efficient. The companies to which we've introduced them often retain their services long after our contractors' projects have ended, because:

Want to Learn More?

For a free price quote and detailed description of benefits and services, email us today with the following information:

Thank you. We know you'll be as delighted with their service as we have been.