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About Synergistech Communications

Synergistech Communications is a recruiting firm for technical communicators who help companies explain their products and create competitive advantage. Our candidates help users succeed and companies both lower costs and exceed expectations.

Synergistech's role is to understand what all parties need, introduce great technical communicators to discerning hiring managers, and ensure that everyone benefits.

We are trusted by thousands of SF Bay Area technical communications professionals for our effectiveness, integrity, and candor. We're building on over a decade's commitment to meeting workers' need for an informed, honest, reliable ally in their job search. They know we're effective and treat them with dignity and fairness, so they routinely introduce us to stars our clients would never meet on their own.

Hiring managers actively seek us out because of the precision, consistency, and speed with which we deliver well-screened candidates, as well as our modest commissions, performance guarantees, and focus on meeting — rather than preying on — their needs. They know that our private network includes many candidates who work exclusively with us (and never even look at the job boards).

The candidates Synergistech represents possess the rare combination of technical understanding and communications expertise required to make complex systems intelligible to impatient audiences. We're proud to be the "go-to guys" for companies seeking API references, programmers' how-to guides, technical tutorials, and illustrative C, C++, C#, and Java code samples necessary to transform products into productivity.

To date we've placed well over 1000 technical communicators with demanding technology companies. We've consistently supplied verbal virtuosos as well as 'geeks who can write' when no one else could. High-priority, 'needed-them-yesterday' projects are our specialty. We've proven that we can deliver staff employees, W2-based contractors, and 1099-based independent consultants to exceed almost any technology sector need. Although we probably haven't yet 'seen it all,' we're definitely ready to discuss your challenge.

If you have a short-term hiring need and a tight budget, ask us about our innovative solution for protecting your company from the risks — while benefiting from the many advantages — of hiring 'true' independent contractors. We're unique in being able to solve a very thorny problem very elegantly, so we encourage you to learn more.

Synergistech is a privately-held corporation, self-funded and profitable since its inception.

Synergistech's clients and partners

Here is an abbreviated list of companies that have hired Synegistech's candidates. Key to our continuing success is our commitment to diversity as well as our active alliance with the following Bay Area services companies: Content Rules, Uplift, the Center for Technical Understanding, Arcady Press, Brightside Resumes, Clear Path Workforce Management, and Bitzone. Last but not least, Synergistech is proud to be the founding corporate sponsor of the Society for Technical Communication (STC)'s Silicon Valley chapter.

These are some of the other services on which Synergistech relies.


Synergistech contributes five percent of its profits to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

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