Career Coaching for the Technical Communications Jobseeker

Synergistech offers career-coaching services for technical communications jobseekers in the Bay Area.

We share over 20 years' worth of insights, strategies, and straight-from-the-trenches wisdom to make the process of finding the right career both faster and more fulfilling. Ours is a three-part goal:

  1. Visioneering — remembering why you want to work, as opposed to why you have to, and gaining the courage and clarity to let the former motivation lead you forward.
  2. Strategizing  — determining what work you want to do and how best to do it. Our services here include self-evaluation, resume writing and portfolio tuning, job-hunting, networking, marketing yourself, interviewing and negotiation techniques, and much more.
  3. Marketplace Reality Check — learning how and where you are employable, who'll pay most, and what to watch out for as you make your way — tax laws, independent contractor issues, politics, economics, biases, and so on.

Andrew Davis advises technical communicators and other high-tech workers on these and related issues, and has helped smooth the paths of many of this industry's most experienced technical professionals. Put plainly, Synergistech intends to reduce the number of casualties and increase the number of success stories in this business.

Andrew doesn't claim to be impartial — he has lots of opinions — but he understands and can articulate most of the viewpoints you'll encounter and give you a chance to evaluate them and plan your response before they confront you in the workplace.

Andrew can introduce you to others who've been in your specific situation and are willing to help you navigate your way. His network, even more than his advice, can make the most significant difference to resolving the challenges you face.

Our appointments don't end until you give the word. For each, we charge $100.00 for the first hour (60 mins), and $125.00/hour thereafter. Please commit to at least two sessions so that issues that arise in one can be balanced, reconsidered, and resolved in the next.

We thank you for your interest and look forward to hearing from you.