Synergistech connects great Technical Writers, and similar technology transfer professionals, with discerning hiring managers at the best technology companies. For proof, click the 'Looking?' link.

Synergistech is here to help you win

Synergistech Communications provides independent, contingency-based recruiting services to staff and contract Technical Communications professionals and the high-tech industry companies seeking their services.

If your team needs help explaining its products, we have your solution. Our candidates help your users succeed and let your company both improve its image and lower its customer acquisition, support, and training costs. Ask us how.

Since 1995, Synergistech has been known for our informed, reliable, non-exploitative service — and our candor. If we can't help you directly, we'll tell you so and point you to those who can. Our goal is to be your trusted employment ally, whether you're hiring or seeking work.

Synergistech is focused exclusively on serving technical communicators, namely Technical Writers and those using similar skills to help users become more productive. Technical communicators count on us to advance their careers rapidly and with integrity, and we deliver.

New Resources: We make our San Francisco Bay Area technical communications listings available at our Jobs Page and as a blog and via RSS. We're always freshening the content on this site.

To our Candidates: Synergistech strives to be better informed, faster, and more efficient in support of candidates seeking our help. We attend several SF Bay Area STC chapters' meeting every month. Recently, in addition to making our job and contract listings available via the Synergistech's Jobs blog and Subscribe to 'Synergistech's Jobs' via RSS RSS feed, we've created Not Synergistech's Jobs, a blog and Subscribe to '*Not* Synergistech's Jobs' via RSS RSS feed where we repost recent staff and contact technical communications opportunities from local technology companies that aren't (yet) our clients. Our goal here is show you who (else) is hiring, and encourage you to spread the word about Synergistech if you engage with those companies.

To our Hiring Managers: If you can't secure a budget for our services, feel free to request that your technical communications job or contract posting appear in our Not Synergistech's Jobs blog. If you need help justifying our services, and want specifics about how we can save you time, money, and frustration today, call us. You won't regret it.

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  • We can payroll you inexpensively — If you need a third-party 'employer of record' (EOR) for your W2 project, and also want complete and immediate insurance and other benefit coverage, look no further
  • Performance guarantee — Just one of the features that set Synergistech apart
  • Can you read code? Even better, can you write C, C++, C#, or Java code? And can you write in English? If so, we've got your gig!
  • Upcoming Events — Java API documentation course (January 2014), professional meetings, etc
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  • PS: In a hurry? Call us at 707-554-9365 or send us email.

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